Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MonkeyBrains: Oh, Yeah? Zat so?

This week someone challenged me about my  beliefs, saying that clinging to our cherished beliefs is the cause of much suffering. She wasn't referring so much to belief systems or religion, but bread-and-butter beliefs.  I'm pondering this, and I think it's true.

Some examples: "I didn't sleep well, so I won't have a good day."  "I can't find my keys. This is a disaster." "This guy is always a bore." "My friend just landed a book contract.  I can't get anyone to read my stuff."  Often these thoughts are triggered by some small perception--the sight of mud ground into the carpet "means" that I'm not staying on top of things, that that house is somehow decaying around me...

Everyone has their own beliefs and their own triggers...I've only been up for about an hour, and I've already "believed" myself into a bad mood!  Gotta take a walk and think about this!

Just because I always land in these situations doesn't make me a sewer rat!


Laura said...

Wow, this is perfect for me today. Thank you!

Check out this blogger's thoughts today...similarly good ones:

HelenQP said...

Thanks, Laura! I need it, too! I hope all's well in your world, or if not, that you are able to distill honey from the rocks.

Rich Sidney said...

When I add that all these beliefs are simply the results of my projections of reality, it really doesn't make any sense at all to ever have a bad day. Unless, of course, I want to.

HelenQP said...

I hear you. Of course if something terrible happened to you and you didn't have a bad day, I would really worry about you!

Catherine Stine said...

A pampered house mouse wearing a polka dot frock?
Just kiddin'

HelenQP said...

Hee, hee!