Friday, December 30, 2011

Monkey Brains, V: Lazy

It's hard to get dressed on winter days. My new fleece pajamas and thick, yellowed old hotel-terry bathrobe swaddle me like bear fat.

My daughter is on vacation this week. She and a friend are sleeping in the living room after a Harry Potter film marathon last night (Blue Ray!) Structure has crumbled.  I fit in freelance work around what my kids are doing.  Dust and crumbs and hair gather in corners.

Cabin-fevered, I took a long walk last night in the dark, and I felt my heart open, gradually, thinking of longer days now unfolding.
This morning, a moment stretches to an hour. New emails come in. Old ones lie blinking at me like necessary mammals. (I should have answered that one last week.)

Will I ever finish my novel?  Why does the washing machine smell bad, and what should I do about it?

For me, this is the way forward:  It's both a discipline and a splurge of relaxation.  Sit with what's happening right now. Pay attention. Meditate.  Hello, body.  Hello, mind, breath, feelings. Hello day.

Then I'll get dressed and see what's what.

If I looked this good, I WOULD stay in jammies all day.


Catherine Stine said...

It's hard to operate with fuzzy boundaries. My son is home until Jan 23. I love hanging out with him. I also have tons to do before I go back to teaching on Jan 9. Meditation helps!

Helen W. Mallon said...

Yes, structure is our friend. We like it.