Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Would a Blog be Without Followers?

Many thanks to super creative YA fiction writer, Catherine Stine, for awarding me a Most Appreciated Follower!  Check out her thoughts on writing, family, treasures, & city & country life.

To pass on the friendship, I'd like to award Most Appreciated Follower to:

1. Ryoma Collia-Suzuki, the most enthusiastic friend whom I've never met!
2. Richard Sidney, one of my oldest friends.
3. Jane Reed Wilson, Sister-in-Law Extraordinaire and fabulous graphic designer.

Feel free to copy the award on your own blog/website.

On another note, my husband and I spent a wonderful hurricane weekend on Cape Cod, walking in the maelstrom, lighting kerosene lamps, and cozying up in the new bedroom. Since there was very little actual damage done by the hurricane, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in an unexpected way.  The old dark house is warm and intimate by candlelight.  What could be better?

I'm about to blow away!!
Anyone else have a hurricane story to share?


Catherine Stine said...

Awww, gee, shucks. I'm flattered. Yeah, I had a secretly great time duriing the hurricane, sneaking out in the high wind, and taking hikes. One of my blog followers even reprimanded me for it. Happy Labor Day.

HelenQP said...

Yikes! It wasn't fun for everyone, that's for sure. And walking under whipping power lines is not something I want to do every day...! Hope your Labor Day was fun...we had a fun BBQ at my brother's.

Jane Wilson said...

Wow! What a nice reward for visiting your blog before going to sleep! Thank you for the kind words and for your interesting and thought-provoking ones! Still appreciating YOU and following! PS-love the pic of you hanging on for dear life in the wind!

HelenQP said...

You are most welcome, m'dear. Many hugs back atcha!