Monday, August 29, 2011

Can I Get to the Moon?

I want to shake something up. I want to start something.  Or maybe I'm trying to finish something big.

Am I

The only way to answer that question is to pursue the goal, wholeheartedly, in spite of the question.  


Rich Sidney said...

I think it's more than simply pursuit of a goal in spite of the question.

I think it's doing anything in the face of any fear, insecurity or inner dialog about how I am

(not good)
(not smart)
enough, etc., etc.

Rich Sidney said...

By the way -- I couldn't agree with you more, in case you hadn't guessed.

Jane said...

You left out (determined)! Right now that matters more than the rest. When you reach your goal, the other adjectives will be what they will be adding to your name.

Catherine Stine said...

Perhaps it's the writer's task to try to ignore the question, in order to put 100% of his or her energy into forging ahead with as much ingenuity and vision as he or she can muster.
BTW, I just awarded you an Appreciated Follower Award over on my blog! Come claim it (and the logo, should you feel like paying it forward). Congrats, you brilliant writer, you.

HelenQP said...

Rich, I certainly sensed the agreement! Fear doesn't go away, but as Jane says, determination is key. And encouragement from friends!

Catherine, sometimes the question simply won't go away...I find it helpful to offer it a chair then politely turn my back as i get back to work. Polite ignoring, I guess.

thanks for the kudos! I'm very honored! I'll check your blog out right now.