Monday, June 27, 2011

HOW TO KEEP WRITING, PART 4: Advice From Jerry Garcia (& Seth Godin)

Today's post comes from Seth Godin, uber-sales guy.  What sets him apart from the slick and slimy is that he shows actual respect for human beings. (Among his zillion book titles, my personal favorite title is Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?)

His message is for us, writer tribe. What is "success?"  Here's a confession: Once I received a gorgeous note from someone who'd read my chapbook Bone China.  A certain poem helped her through a tough family situation.  The next day I got a form rejection from a magazine I was dying to publish in--a magazine that  had led me to believe they liked my work.  Guess what I spent the next two weeks obsessing over?

In his post The Grateful Dead and the Top 40, Seth wonders whether "Jerry ever got jealous of acts that were able to put songs on the radio. (The Dead had exactly one hit record...) I hope not..." he continues.

If you think your writing career resembles the walking dead, Jerry Garcia will give you something to live for.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful message! I think all of us, writers or not, fall into the "Meatball Sundae" category in our lines of thinking. But, for our writer tribe, the analogy you shared is perfect. Thank you. :)

Catherine Stine said...

Very funny cover to that meatball book! The Grateful Dead may not have hit the top 40 too often but, boy, were they ever brilliant! I'd buy their CDs any day over a band like Tears for Fears or Backstreet Boys.

HelenQP said...

Thanks, Torrey! Yeah, it's pretty funny to think of offering someone hamburger with chocolate sauce & whipped cream. But trying to be the writer you're not is about as 'off.' (I'm preaching to myself here.)

Kitsy, also appreciate your comment. I had to think twice to remember who the Backstreet Boys were! It's soooo tempting to think that being more 'packaged' will make one's writing better...