Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where's My Body in All This?

Nowadays when I get stuck on a writing project, I'm learning to move my attention away from the problem I'm trying to solve.  I close my eyes and pay attention to what's happening in my body as a result of being stuck. Where's the tension located? I take time to feel it. Is there sadness beneath the hard surface?  A feeling of freedom somewhere under the skin?  I simply watch; I don't feel obligated to obtain a result from the momentary quiet, which is a relief.

It's kind of weird how we run around in our bodies, but we live as if reality takes place in the mind.  Actually, the body is a kind of subtext--things that we don't want to consciously acknowledge are written there.

And sitting quietly can free up access to corners of your consciousness where you already know how to solve a problem.  When I'm really tense, sitting quietly reminds me that there's more to me than the reactive, pissy me.

Again and again, I have to remind myself to do this. Old habits die hard! The body can be a source of wisdom, but it's too easy to treat it like a household appliance,  used so often it's almost forgotten.


Catherine Stine said...

Yes, bodies can store or stuff emotions that one doesn't want to deal with. I find that meditation with some creative visualization helps to release stuck energy and get it moving out. (And better, more creative energy in).

HelenQP said...

I suppose the early Quaker training didn't hurt!

I'd like to learn more about creative visualization. Let me know.

Rita Sinorita Fierro said...

This is what bodywork does. I've submitted an article on Reiki and creativity, on how releasing energy blcoks frees up energy for creativity, I'll send a link when it's published!

HelenQP said...

Ah, thank you! It's so good to see how things coalesce from one approach/modality to another. There's harmony here...