Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Blog Seeking Healthy Tagline

I'm happy with the new title of my blog.  The next step is a tagline--a short phrase, maybe three words, that  appears right after the title and clearly promises what the reader will find.

I don't want to appeal only to people who self-identify as "Writers." I'd like the tagline to make that clear--the blog is for anyone who uses words thoughtfully, in whatever sphere of life.   I for one don't only "work" as a writer!  I'm a mother, wife, writer, manager, editor--changing roles a zillion times a day.  I'll be exploring ways that the work we do can nurture us and other people, rather than wearing everyone down. Awareness of what's happening in our bodies, which we often ignore, is a good place to start.

I'd love your suggestions!

Some possible taglines: WritingNurture: Working for Joy
or  Writing for Joy   ??
Is that...I don't know. New Age cheesy?  Sound like the title of a self-indulgent seminar?

WritingNurture: Body Mind Joy
Does this make me sound like a yoga teacher?  I don't do yoga!

WritingNurture:  Writing, Life, Balance   Kind of like that one.  I think this may be it.

How about Live, Balance, Write  ?  Too vague?

I would really appreciate your feedback.  Let me know if you have other ideas for a tagline!


Rich Sidney said...

This new focus is awesome.

I wasn't able to start blogging until I realized I just had to do it when I was ready to say something, and stop worrying about what and how I say it.

Unlike you, I am not a writer, committed to writing and what-not. However, I was able to give myself the permission to write, and the permission to not obsess.

What you are saying in this growth cycle you find yourself in seems to be that you are wanting to give yourself permission to learn and grow and be a better writer and to stop whatever blocks you from success. Boo-yah!

WritingNurture: Creativity with words.

Gerry Lantz said...


Words that matter
Words matter
Words matter in creativity and life

Words shape our world

Words: The Outward Expression of Inward Grace (or Joy)

I would suggest you don't need to repeat the words writing or writer because the blog title covers that area. Title is what you are; tagline should (to me) way what you mean.

That's my 5-cents.

joannagnp said...

Big changes in Helen's life! Good for you. I wonder if it isn't a "growing up" type of thing. I am not planning on ever growing up, just growing more content with life. Maybe it's something like that for you. I like the balance thing. s we grow, we tend to have more balance in things. My life has been unbalanced in the past. I like balance too since there are so many roles in your life as well as mine. I agree with Gerry that it is not necessary to repeat writing in the tagline.
Perhaps, think of other things that are going on at this time in your life beside balance. The nice thing about a tagline is that you could change it in the future, leaving the primary title the same.

HelenQP said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. All I can say is, this project feels right in a very relaxed way--a good sign. I sense you all have been there in different ways.

Will mull these suggestions...don't repeat "writing"...balance and something, other things in my life...(Stress?!) Something about lightness and grace... Very helpful feedback!

JRWilson said...

Helen, Terrific direction. I wrote a very long and thoughtful reply to this, then Google deleted it - argh! Anyway, you have certainly hit a note with this creative person. Finding time for a conversation with yourself is such a good idea, and one I need to do more. It helps you to accept and perhaps defuse the moment you are in, knock down walls to creativity. Reading back on what you wrote a few weeks/month/years ago will lead to current understanding. Life is all about the journey and the paths we take. Journaling it leads to insight and understanding, and releases something that enables us (at least me) to be creative. How about "Journaling the Journey". Just one idea. Looking forward to reading more on your blog! Jane

HelenQP said...

Thanks, Janie! Yes, stepping outside the deepening mud-ruts of the mind is the key to creativity. Let's support each other on this journey.