Saturday, October 23, 2010


Quiddity is the essence or whatness of something.  Periodically, I will be offering a small prize (virtual or physical) to however many people correctly guess which is true, or on other occasions, which is the whoppingest lie, of several options.

With appreciation to everyone who sent me good wishes, a little party game.

Which of the following was my favorite birthday gift of all time?

A.  An Irish fisherman's knit sweater that hung to my knees
B. A pair of bright red jumping shoes (like the old strap on roller skates, but with BIG springs instead of wheels)
C. A 1976 Ford Pinto named "Doc" (more about him later)
D.  An autographed copy of Dylan's album Highway 61 Revisited


Marilyn Amento said...

I'm going to guess it's An Irish fisherman's knit sweater that hung to your knees. Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!

Gina has opted for 'B', followed by her bouncing around the room as if she were wearing the wonderful springy shoes. I've opted for 'A', the extra, extra long sweater! :)

janjoplin said...

The knit sweater!

HelenQP said...

Hmmm...good guesses so far. I should add that this contest will be closed to entries on...hmmm....when should I say it's closed? Gee, I have such a feeling of power....wait, not everyone is on the same zone or even the same continent...Let's see...I'll give it a coupla days. We'll go with Monday at midnight, Philadelphia time. Give or take.

Good luck!

Rocky said...

The Album. Just to have an exclusive answer.

Laura said...

It is between the sweater and the red bouncy feet thingys...we had those too. Death traps as I recall!

Hmmmm... yeah, I am going with the sweater.

fablique1 said...

Somehow I remember a warm glorious sweater which was YOU - so A)
But -- it could be D too (what a prized possession - how did you get that autograph?)

Linda said...

What do I know? D.

Anonymous said...

Why has no one guessed the car? Getting one of those (if you can drive/your family can afford it) is one of those semi-ubiquitous rites of passage into adulthood.

So, C?

joannagnp said...

Hmm, I think it's the pinto named Doc. Sounds like an interesting story.