Thursday, October 28, 2010


Which was my favorite birthday gift of all time?

A. Those who guessed the Irish fisherman's sweater were on to something.  Fablique1 remembers me in such a garment--it didn't hang to my knees (that was poetic license), but I wore it all the time.  The sweater was a nice addition, but it didn't change me.

C. I had to include Doc, the Ford Pinto, ugly faithful old pea-green clunker, which was of the kind known for exploding gas tanks, but mine never did.   I bought it myself from a roommate of my boyfriend's for one buck.  I sold it for $80.   Doc had a subtle, insidious problem which will be the subject of the next QUIDDITY QUIZ!

D.  The album was to throw everyone off the scent. I was surprised that more people didn't go for it, although some instinct may have told them that a Quaker kid might not value an autograph, symbol of vanity, but this was Bob Dylan, after all.  Yes, we had Highway 61, but it was my brother's and it bore no autograph.  

B.  Which leaves the correct answer, the miraculous red jumping shoes, and TWO WINNERS! Laura and Gina.  I was just at the right age--7 or 8, when I still enjoyed frequent dreams of flying around the house.  The fire engine red metal plates strapped to my feet, when I bounded around the neighborhood, I felt as though I leapt as high as the trees, transformed.  I was a different me.  That's what made this the  best gift of all.

If the two winners would send either their mailing addresses to, they will receive a special gift of no monetary value!  If you're not comfortable sending your mailing address, shoot me an email, and I'll do virtual honors. Thanks for playing!


Catherine Stine said...

Gee, was it your birthday? Happy happy! The old Pinto sounded good, but pea green?! Congrats to the contest winners.

HelenQP said...

yes, that was one uuuggglleeee car.