Monday, August 16, 2010

"The Prep School Negro": More On Race at Germantown Friends School

Andre Lee, a graduate of Germantown Friends School, has made a film about his teenage years, which he spent in two very different worlds.  Give him your support and check out the trailer! His title is provocative: The Prep School Negro


Laura said...

This looks like an amazing story. My high school roommate was a "prep school negro" and I would be interested to see this film and understand more about her experience "back then" in the late 1970's. Thanks for drawing my attention to Andre Lee's story.

HelenQP said...

Yes, I missed a screening in Philly due to a prior commitment, but I'm eager to see this also. You can subscribe via his website to notification emails re: screenings, etc. Good to hear from you, Laura! Hope all's well!